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Help Build The Database

Although What Business Thinks is working constantly to keep the database up-to-date, the reality is that it takes an army to get a handle on the corporate values animating tens of thousands of businesses around the world. You are that army.

Crowd-sourcing is the best way to keep track of what businesses are doing. To that end, the interface allows you to give What Business Thinks information that hasn’t yet reached the database or, just as importantly, to correct errors in the database. Go here to learn how.

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Privacy Policy

Neither this website nor the What Business Thinks database automatically collects user data. All information in the database is publicly available and includes URL’s that support the information.

With regard to the database’s crowd-sourcing function, all submissions are anonymous. The data submitted, which must include a publicly available URL to support the data, is reviewed for accuracy before being published on the app.

To the extent that either this website or the app collects user data automatically, that data will never be given away or sold without permission.