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Help Build The Database

Although What Business Thinks is working constantly to keep the database up-to-date, the reality is that it takes an army to get a handle on the corporate values animating tens of thousands of businesses around the world. You are that army.

Crowd-sourcing is the best way to keep track of what businesses are doing. To that end, the interface allows you to give What Business Thinks information that hasn’t yet reached the database or, just as importantly, to correct errors in the database. Go here to learn how.

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Privacy Policy

Neither this website nor the What Business Thinks database automatically collects user data. All information in the database is publicly available and includes URL’s that support the information.

With regard to the database’s crowd-sourcing function, all submissions are anonymous. The data submitted, which must include a publicly available URL to support the data, is reviewed for accuracy before being published on the app.

To the extent that either this website or the app collects user data automatically, that data will never be given away or sold without permission.

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Why This Matters

Why does it matter what businesses thinks? It matters because you work hard for your money, and you care how and where you spend it. According to a recent YouGov poll, 67% of Americans believe that a corporation’s values do matter when they’re making a purchase.

When Americans spend their money, they care that the business takes political and social stands that align with their own. Whether it’s political ideology, immigration, fair labor, Middle East policy, LGBT issues, the environment, or a host of other issues that deeply concern Americans, Americans put their money where their values are. No wonder a marketing company is urging American companies to make their principles known.

It’s not always easy, though, for a consumer to know where a business stands on the issues. Diligent research on the internet can eventually locate that information, but most people don’t have the time to do that research every time they buy something.

That’s where this database comes in. By using the database, you can find values-related information about a business simply by typing its name into the search box. The database currently has information for almost 4,500 corporations, both domestic and foreign. We at What Business Thinks are constantly updating the database but we still rely on crowd-sourcing help from you too.

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To use the database, here’s what you need to know:

The first screen you see is the Home screen:

No matter the screen on which you find yourself, you’ll need to know the following six buttons:

Button 1 will always get you back to the Home screen. The Home screen lists alphabetically all of the businesses in the database. We advise you not to try to scroll through the Home screen to find your business. With almost 5,000 businesses (and growing), you could be scrolling for a very long time. Fortunately, there’s a shortcut.

Button 2 opens the Search box, which is active only on the Home screen:

As you type a business name into the Search box, you’ll see possible candidates below the Search box:

If the business is in the database, keep typing until you see the business name you want. Then, tap that name. You’ll be taken to a screen showing you basic information for that business and telling you what stands the business has taken on specific issues:

To dig deeper, just tap one of the rows that has an arrow to the right and you’ll get a new screen with more information, including a source URL so you can get more information if you want:

Button 3 takes you to the New Info? screen. This is the crowd-sourcing page that allows you update information about a business that’s already in the database or to add an entirely new business to the database. Here’s what the New Info? screen looks like:

To provide new information, do the following:

  1. A: The date and time stamp is automatic. You cannot change it.
  2. B: Type in the business name. The name will not enter automatically. You need to type it out in full.
  3. C: Write a short description about the type of data you’re adding for the business, such as “political stand” or “environmental stand.” This helps What Business Thinks fact-checkers know what they’re looking for.
  4. D: Enter a URL for the website with the information you’re introducing. All submitted information needs a supporting URL.
  5. E: If you have two supporting URLS, even better.
  6. F: When you’re done, press “Save.” The information is automatically sent to the What Business Thinks fact-checkers. After they’ve had a chance to confirm it, they’ll enter it into the App’s database.

Button 4 takes you to the Errors? page. The Errors? page works the same way the New Info? page does. The only difference is that, instead of providing new information, you’re letting What Business Knows that the database has an error. As before, a short description helps and a URL is a necessity. Your help here is greatly appreciated.

Button 5 takes you to the Update interface. You’ll want to use it to make sure that the information you’re viewing is as current as possible.

Button 6 takes you to the Hamburger Menu. Pressing it gives you access to some of the useful pages you’ve already seen. It also reminds you of the email address for What Business Thinks and it allows you to see the About screen. The other buttons are inactive.

The Share button is currently dormant. Sorry about that. We wish it could be more of a party button but, for now, it’s not.

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The database takes a few moments to load. If you need help, you can learn more about the interface here.