Before you spend your money with a business, make sure that business shares -- or at least doesn't hate -- your values.

Two-thirds of Americans, when spending their money, care about a business's values on political and social issues. Still, it's not always easy to know what values a business holds.

What Business Thinks is a crowd-sharing database that allows people to search a business by name and quickly discover what stands it has taken on everything from guns, to politics, to the environment, to LGBT issues, and much more.

With tabs allowing users to submit information about a business or to correct existing misinformation in the app, What Business Thinks is a growing, self-correcting database that helps guide consumers as they navigate their way through the marketplace.

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The database is in the neat little rectangle immediately below. It may take a few moments to load. If the interface is not intuitive, you can learn how to use it here. If the database does not load, try opening it in a different browser. (Also, for a short time only, here's a link that allows you to see the growing list of companies boycotting the NRA or otherwise opposing Second Amendment rights.)